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"If you had to identify in one word the reason why the human race has not achieved and never will achieve its full potential, that word would be 'meetings.' " - Dave Barry

What if meetings were collaborative sessions that harness the intellectual power of your teams and deliver incredible outcomes?

Digitally Transform EVERY Meeting!

Whether it is a Team, Project or Board Meeting, scheduled or unscheduled, online, hybrid or face to face

Easy – Actions – Results - Success



Turn regular meetings into forums that harness the power of your people and deliver high-performance outcomes



Create 360° of collaboration - before, during, & after the meeting – not just in the meeting



Establish standardised meeting structure and enforce best practices to decrease wasted time and lost money by optimizing meeting efficiency and effectiveness

Imagine looking through a single pane of glass that displays all your O365 information and maximises your meeting ROI - meetings, actions, projects, decisions, notes, documents - from Outlook, One Note, To Do, Planner, Teams etc and presents it all in one place with full auditing capabilities for you to collaborate with anyone!



Establish clear-cut accountability by tracking team meeting deliverables in one place

Eliminate critical information loss to ensure regulatory and legal compliance

full integration

Full Integration

Empower all meeting attendees to participate and leverage existing tools and familiar workflows - even attendees outside your organisation through full integration with existing tools, like audio, video and web conferencing, Office365, Outlook, SharePoint and Teams



Leverage the viral spread of mForce365 with your employees and end-users; know who contributes and how they do so with mForce365's powerful reporting tools

Ensure total team transparency, accountability, and one-click access to all meeting information

mForce365 is the Collaboration Hub of your organization!

Do your Meetings have:

Little focus and participation with attendees multitasking?

Too many or the wrong people in the meeting?

No meeting agenda, decisions needed or even a purpose for having the meeting?

A lack of minutes or actions required sent to all after the meeting?

An unproductive (even counter-productive!) outcome?

Participants wasting valuable time and costing the company money?

Fix your "Broken" meetings with

By the Numbers.......

55 million meetings

55 million

Meetings held daily in the US alone!

40-50% Of workdays are spent in meetings


Of workdays are spent in meetings

$1.4 trillion

Estimated annual meeting costs globally

$37 billion Wasted in bad meetings annually

$37 billion

Wasted in bad meetings annually

How mForce365 will help You unleash your Meeting Power for your meeting participants and your company!

Turn unproductive meetings into collaborative and outcome focussed forums. Harness the power of your people and instantly create activity from your meetings that results in driving your business to far greater heights.

Free action item lifecycle participation for non-mForce365 account holders!

multiple languages

Multiple Languages!

All documents, agendas, meeting summaries initially published in English. Coming soon in over 70+ languages - your local language! Break down barriers and have everyone contribute and agree!

Latest Technology

Latest Technology

Developed Using Dotnet 6, Web Assembly and Blazor desktop and ,NET MAUI for mobiles. Browser based with auto save and reconnect if you lose your internet connection.

Immutable Meeting Records

Immutable Meeting Records

mForce365 Meeting Binder - an immutable, digitally signed record of all meeting records. Agendas, Action items, Decisions and more in 1 easy to read Company brandable PDF.

Purchase from App Stores

mForce365 will soon be found on the Microsoft App store as well as Apple and Google and will be a certified MS Team App.

Data Sovereignty and Security

Data Sovereignty and Security

Your data, your location, your rules. Full sovereignty, integrity and control over all your data for every meeting and outcome.

Any  Device, O/S, Anytime!

Any  Device, O/S, Anytime!

Operates seamlessly across any device and O/S, IOS and Android!

Flexibility to work with your existing toolsets.

Purchase from App Stores

mForce365 leverages some of the very latest advances in web applications to bring you a seamless, rocket fast, Microsoft 365 integrated solution -  whether you have a single user or a billion concurrent users.

Using dotnet 6, WebAssembly and Blazor, mForce365 will allow you to run your business Meeting and Project lifecycle in the browser at near hardware speeds (over 50x faster than traditional web applications) and makes it an application of the future!


  • Scalability - mForce365 is served from a flat-file web server, meaning there is near-infinite scale, worldwide

  • Speed - The application uses the resources of your device, caches data locally and therefore runs super-fast

  • Feature Enhancements – As mForce365 is developed in C# et al (vs Javascript), it means we can listen to our customers’ requests and write more robust code, faster and with quicker results

mForce365 | Harness Your Power…​ of your teams of your apps and of your Meetings!

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