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What will mForce365 do for me?


The End User

  • Take back wasted time every week and gain complete control over your meeting and project success

  • Eliminate pre/post meeting clean up and management overhead every week for each mForce365 user

  • Gain total control over your meeting information and action item accountability to help ensure your project outcomes are more successful

  • Always look like the completely organized, professional meeting manager

The Manager

  • Obtain absolute vision and clarity into your entire team’s meeting effectiveness & performance accountability

  • Dramatically increase employee efficiency to optimize efficiency and maximize tight budgets

  • Establish standardized meeting structure and enforce best practices to help your team’s meetings become more productive, efficient, and successful

  • Gain complete transparency into your employee’s day-to-day business performance

The IT Champion

  • mForce365 offers absolute data privacy and security based on your environment

  • Providing governance and auditability

  • Decrease enterprise email system burden

  • Sign up online at the Microsoft Store or download the app from Apple Store or Google (coming soon)

  • Browser based SaaS requires almost zero support

The Organization

  • Optimize total organisational efficiency by decreasing employee waste and cost, increasing project success, and eliminate compliance risk

  • Save employee wasted time/effort costs to help streamline organizational efficiency

  • Enforcing standardized meeting structure and best practices that will dramatically increase employee effectiveness and accountability

  • Ensure regulatory and legal compliance - Gain transparency and access to critical company information

  • Immutable records - who made what decisions and why for complete auditing

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